Al-Babtain’s in-house design team and state-of-the-art R&D technologies allow us to replicate and craft custom designs to match any architectural style or design.

Functional Poles

The Functional Poles have International standard performance ensuring high functioning quality, as well as great reliability. With an over-sized list of innovative features and perfect style, Functional Poles are remarkably effective when coming to the pole finish.

Decorative Pole

For decades, Al-Babtain has been providing the highest quality HDG/Painted Decorative poles to urban planners and landscape architects. From designs that blend with today’s modern architectural styles to historical designs that harken back to an earlier era, our collection of Decorative poles are sure to offer the solution for your next project.

High Masts

Al-Babtain Smart Series offers a high level of performance while providing a wide distribution of the light to meet enterprise, service provider, and small-and-medium business organization expectations.


The Smart Series is also CE marked ensuring the compliance with the European legislation, for verifying all the fundamental safety, health and environmental protection requirements. They are versatile street light luminaires, aesthetically designed with dedicated facet optics to optimize the beam control and to achieve an excellent lighting level.


Vega series luminaire is the ideal Led lighting solution for any road, street or pedestrian area. Vega creates a more attractive urban living environment and visual comfort for the public and residential zone. Competitive and efficient. It will fit perfectly in renovation projects as well as new installations on highways, roundabouts and urban roads.


Al-Babtain lights up the world by providing Amenity Lighting for a range of under bridge and tunnel solutions. Amenity discovers a better filament for the incandescent lamp products for bridge lighting and tunnels.

Obstruction Lighting

The Obstruction Lighting high quality speaks out. Its extraordinary quality is guaranteed as its design is European based. In addition to that, its durability to tough conditions grants reliability from the customers.

Mid Hinged Poles

Al-Babtain believes that easiness in operations really matters. This conviction lies at the heart of the Mid Hinged Pole success since it is easy to maintain by just tilting the pole. Manually operated hinged pole is formed by an Octagonal & polygonal shaft that is equipped with a hinge unit including stainless steel pin and other welded accessories.

Flag Pole

Creating the Flagpole with such international standard performance proves the reliability of the technological innovation of the pole. The Flagpole has also an elegant pole finish ensuring the state of the art look.

Traffic Pole

Al-Babtain Traffic Signal Poles are produced using steel EN 10027-1 S355J0. These poles can also be used to support various signboards, traffic signs etc. According to the number, size and installation of the traffic signal lights, our design department decides all the required dimensions for these poles. The poles for traffic signals can also be used to support various traffic signs.