In the vision of aims to expand its steel manufacturing activities, which currently cover transmission and distribution towers, lighting poles, and more, Apart from technical collaboration with METALSEC to enhance its engineering capability in CSP support structures, Al-Babtain has a joint venture with METALOGALVA S.A to design & manufacturing of PV steel structural components. . It is the perfect integration between two key players with more than 50 years of experiences in the design, manufacturing of Steel structures. To continue as a key player in the MENA region’ solar photovoltaic industry specializing for delivering the most competitive supply of PV steel structural components, Al-Babtain has established a manufacturing facility at 3rd Industrial city in Dammam Saudi Arabia in 2018.


Different Design of steel support structures for parabolic trough solar fields are supplied by Al –Babtain with high precision, which is very critical for trough systems.


AL-BABTAIN offers fixed structures for solar panels that are robust, flexible and cost effective. The lightweight designs are customized to the needs of our customers and optimized for quick assembly.


Al-Babtain provides various components for passive and active solar tracker systems that are compatible with all types of photovoltaic systems. As solar trackers consist of complex technology and moving parts, reliable and durable components play an important role in productivity and efficiency.


AL-BABTAIN offers solar carport solutions for dedicated vehicle parking areas to enhance the value of that space. Solar carports offer two solutions – harnessing the energy of the sun and offering shade to the vehicles.