Al-Babtain provides adequate power and telecom infrastructure for the sustained economic growth of a nation. Power and telecom is a growing industry sector with a plethora of new competitors. Al-Babtain stands unique and simply ahead of these competitors by implementing world-class technologies and years of dedicated service. Increasing demand for energy enhance massive addition of a wide range of products. Al-Babtain emerges as a high-quality service provider among industry experts. Incredible team support and dedicated staff involved in every single project. Safe and secure power transmission facilities, high resolution and quick connectivity telecom services, thereby expanding the global market of our valuable customers.



Al-Babtain uses state-of-the-art machinery to ensure that manufacturing operations are performed with the highest degree of precision. Controlled by highly qualified and experienced operators, Al-Babtain effectively uses resources to meet delivery schedules. The facilities consist of basic fabrication operations such as decoiling, shearing, plasma cutting, bending, welding, grinding, hot-dip galvanizing and packaging for the pole facility. Al-Babtain tower uses latest innovative CNC Machines to cover fabrication and fully automated galvanizing facility that boasts superior quality.