Transmission Lines are used to transmit bulk Electric Power from Generating Stations to end users. Towers and poles are used as support structures for the transmission lines. These support structures are required to be structurally qualified for their use, which is validated by Prototype testing. Recognizing its growing need in the Middle East, AI-Babtain Industries established the Testing Station in the year 1991. This Testing Station is the only one of its kind in the Middle East. The Testing of towers/ Poles is carried out in accordance with International standards and as per client’s requirements. The testing station has tested more than 500 Structures for different clientele in Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Korea, Dubai, Oman, Libya, Kuwait, India, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, England and Tanzania etc. AI-Babtain Tower Testing Station is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2000,     BS EN ISO 14001:2004


Recognizing the growing needs of the transmission line industry, additional test facilities are being added on a continuous basis. In this direction facilities have been added for testing of Telecom Structures (Towers & Poles), mechanical strength of transmission line components such as Insulators, Wire ropes, Plates etc. These facilities can now be utilized by contractors and manufacturers for structural qualification tests.


 Maximum Base dimensions  24×24 meters square base for Towers

2.5 -meter diameter for poles

 Maximum Foundation Loads  500 tones on each leg (Uplift/ Compression)
 Ultimate overturning  235,440 kN-m
 Load application  Electrical Winches
 Control of load application and measurement  Using dedicated computer with software
 Maximum height can be tested  80 meters
 Maximum length of cross arm  Up to 45 Meters for heights between 35m to 55m & Up to 21 Meters for other heights up to 80m
 Number of Pulling Points  42 pulling points at one time.
 Maximum load at transverse direction  65 ton (for single pulling point)
 Maximum load at longitudinal direction  45 ton (for single pulling point)
 Deflection Measurement  By Optical Theodolites
 Calibration Facilities  Load Cells are calibrated before and after every test using calibrated Proving Rings
 Erection Facilities  Tower Crane of 85m heights with boom length covering the x-pad