Al-Babtain is one of the largest producers of manufactures transmission & distribution towers and poles for electric utilities in the Middle East through world-class in-house design, detailing, prototyping, testing, manufacturing and supply capabilities. Its major products include transmission towers, transmission monopoles and distribution poles. These products are used in low, high and medium voltage overhead transmission lines, and for testing high, medium and low voltage transmission towers, monopoles, and distribution poles. Al-Babtain has the capacity to produce transmission towers of 750 kV, transmission monopoles of 230 kV and distribution poles of 34.5 kV.


Our product range does not only include all the traditional items that are necessary in any traditional course, however, these products now have the characteristics that make it easy to unleash their full potentials which are; their simple and aesthetic designs.


Distribution poles for Overhead L.T/ M.T Lines are designed with features you won’t find in any other pole – uniform dimensions, and consistent strength. Moreover, it has lower living costs, which makes it an even more powerful type of pole.


The Transmission Monopole for High Voltage Overhead Lines is expanding the practicality and easiness both inside and outside the actual usage. It has a minimal installation cost, as well as a positive environmental impact for its slim and aesthetic design. Polygonal steel poles to support the overhead lines in a range of heights and performance that allows their use in numerous cases. Even poles giving the greatest performance are within totally acceptable weight limits.