Executive Leadership

Creating a vision to fulfill the organizational goals, involve in efficient strategic plan development, Synchronized communication for excellent team management.


Overcoming a series of challenges in the past, we stay strong on achieving collective results. Each anniversary is a celebration of achievements.


Committed team members focus on building excellent brand reputation, high-quality service for valuable customer database, and years of trust in the market.

Vision, Mission & Values

Enhance the standards of integrity and work style, incorporate the positive values, work hard to create a better world of power and telecom.

Quality Initiatives

Al-Babtain is committed to providing products and services that satisfy the Customer’s needs and expectations, protecting the environment and ensuring the health of employees and safety of the workplace

Al Babtain Power & Telecom KSA

Al-Babtain provides multifaceted solutions to ever-evolving, cutting-edge industry sectors. Al-Babtain energy revolves around power and telecommunications infrastructure

Al-Babtain LeBLANC – KSA

Al-Babtain entered into a strategic joint venture with LeBlanc International Pte Ltd (LeBLANC) in 1993, to form Al-Babtain LeBlanc Telecommunications Co. (ABL – KSA) to tap the rising demand for the supply, installation, and maintenance of telecommunication towers in the GCC region.

Integrated Lighting Co (Rayon) –KSA

As part of Al-Babtain’s vision for the future to continue as the market leader in terms of innovative lighting solutions to its customers, the company started a new unit called Integrated Lighting company (ILC) in 2014.

Al-Babtain Metalogalva (JV) –KSA

Al-babtain Metalogalva is a multinational joint venture established in 2017 between Al-babtain Power and Telecom Saudi Arabia and Metalogalva.

Al-Babtain P&T Egypt

In 1999, Al-Babtain expanded its operations in Egypt by establishing Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication Co. – Egypt (ABPT – Egypt). The move was aimed at exploiting potential opportunities in Africa.

Al-Babtain Lighting & Power Solutions

To capitalize on the opportunities in Egypt’s outdoor lighting market, Al-Babtain proposed establishment of Al-Babtain Lighting &  Power Solutions, a new lighting company in the country.

Al-Babtain LeBLANC – Egypt

Al-Babtain LeBlanc Egypt Telecommunication System LLC (ABL -Egypt) was established in 1999 as a subsidiary of ABL – KSA to offer its products and services in the North African market.

Al-Babtain LeBLANC – UAE

Al-Babtain established Al-Babtain LeBLANC Emirates Telecommunication Systems LLC (ABLEM) in 2006 to capture the UAE’s growing telecommunications industry.

Al-Babtain Installation of Telecommunication Systems – UAE

Al Babtain Middle East for Installation of Telecommunications Systems (ABITS) was established in 2016 to serve the Oil & Gas, Military, Federal and Local government organizations in the country.

Petitjean (Al-Babtain France)

In 2012, Al-Babtain acquired Petitjean SAS (operating since 1946) to gain access to markets in Europe, Latin America, West Africa, Australia and New Zealand. The company was renamed Al-Babtain France S.A.S. in February 2012.

Outdoor Lighting

Refresh the idea of outdoor light fixtures, get complete exterior lighting both safe and attractive. Brighten the landscape with high-quality lighting services.

Telecommunication & Integrated Solutions

Experience a consultative and unbiased approach to improve your communication needs. Successful years of providing integrated solutions by adopting innovative technologies.

Outdoor Lighting

Achieve effective visual comfort by choosing the reputed lighting products. Get future-proof outdoor light sources from the international manufacturers.

Transmission & Distribution

Safe and Secure grid structure to accomplish your energy needs. Complete network analysis enhance reliable transmission in the power and energy industry.


Ideal products to enhance your business communication needs, Array of budget-friendly and expertise equipment to support the modern era of telecommunication.

Renewable Energy

Incorporate the best from naturally replenished human timescale. Utilize maximum of this renewable power to develop a clean energy future.

Towers and structures

High-rising towers or structures, is a massive product from Al-Babtain. Pioneering great technology and product-led innovation expand our credibility among customers.

Pole and high mast

Brighten your recreational field or highway with top-notch poles and high-mast from AL-Babtain. We excel in manufacturing durable high-mast poles with great accuracy and excellent lighting systems.

Decorative pole

Series of decorative poles with custom capabilities, unique architectural lamps, outdoor garden setting poles and lot more. Our decorative poles are made of high-grade steel or Aluminum.

LED lighting

Most efficient and rapidly developing light source for your energy needs. Inspired with the cost-effective solutions, we focus on building a better light source that lasts longer consuming less energy.

HID lighting

Enhance visibility with AL-Babtain HID lighting services. Aesthetically, it’s a pleasing light source in most of the applications. HID lights last longer with excellent life expectancy.

Renewable Energy

Al-Babtain has a joint venture with METALOGALVA S.A to design & manufacturing of PV steel structural components.

Testing Station

Well-equipped facilities to save time and increase productivity. Implementation of innovative technologies makes a true impact on your business.

Exchange Announcements

Complete analysis of current competition, better choice for the future investment. Get the latest market updates and announcements.


Effective breakdown on financial briefing, Enhance future financing at lower capital cost. Long term credibility with investor community.


Connecting appropriate information disclosures earn trust from investors. Improve the credibility among investors and shareholders.

Contact IR

Capable of managing two way communications between the company and financial community, contact highly supportive IR team.

Contact Media Relations

Deal with the media inquiry, co-ordinate the media requirements and enhance world-wide business. Cultivate growth in the media world.

Al-Babtain in the News

Fascinating research fields, excellent achievements and use of latest technologies, keeps us up-to-date on news trends.

Press Releases

Go through the popular announcements, latest innovations from Al-Babtain, unique advancements in power and telecommunications.

Al-Babtain provides customized innovative lighting solutions that are is committed to delivering outdoor lighting products and integrated lighting solutions for various sectors including cities, airports, buildings, solar, traffic and more. Our flexible solutions are focused on applications for communities, infrastructures and companies. We occur the latest lighting technologies and characteristics of the moment, after having well studied, the culture behind the present lighting situation of our streets.


Evolve to modern solutions while respecting the spirit and function of our old lighting installations. By introducing the latest lighting technologies and characteristics of the moment, after having well studied, the culture behind the present lighting situation applied to Streets, Walkways, Highways


Al-Babtain Lighting technical team is focusing on the right methods and materials that improve both quality and efficiency of lighting in the public areas. Our Product portfolio for Piazza lighting applications includes Aircraft Aprons, Stadiums, Seaport yards, Multi-purpose yards (festivals and holy places, etc.)


Use of lighting to enhance shapes and architecture. Gently illuminate vertical surfaces to guide the customer. Al-Babtain Progressive lighting delivers a complete range of cost-effective lighting solutions which includes but are not limited to Malls, Restaurants, Palaces, Private Villas & Café’s.


Lighting systems (EALS), Approach Flash Lighting System (AFLS) and Precision Path Indicator (PAPI). Every airfield or airport brings its own challenges, and Al-Babtain’s deep knowledge, impressive service and technology range match those challenges– from game farm airfields to international airports.


The most important function of the Al-Babtain tunnel lighting is to illuminate the tunnel sufficiently to enable the drivers to see all they need to be seen during the entire passage of tunnel, being day or night time. Al-Babtain Lighting is among the most critical part of tunnel design. It has to prevent the black hole effect at its entrance, control the glare and the flicker and dim the lighting levels according to the time of day and outside weather conditions. Progressive lighting offers competitive professional lighting solutions, engineered with innovation, energy-efficient and sustainable.


Al-Babtain Architectural lighting design focuses on two fundamental aspects of the illumination of buildings or spaces. The first is the aesthetic appeal of a building, an aspect particularly important in the illumination of retail environments. Secondly, the ergonomic aspect: the measure of how much of a function lighting plays.


Our Professional outdoor landscape lighting adds beauty, character and safety to your city, college campus. Path lights, accent lights and deck lights enhance the unique styling of your vicinity outdoor lighting while offering the functionality and peace of mind of a well-lit outdoor space or hardscape design.


Health care application area demands many complex lighting solutions where an extremely wide range of requirements have to be met in order to create perfect conditions to doctors and care staff as they need different lighting situations in order to perform tasks that require high levels of concentration. Al-Babtain has a broad experience in providing lighting solutions for the types of applications that are present in typical healthcare facilities. Tailor-made solutions are available for hospital, assisted living, nursing homes, clinics and surgical centers.


Al-Babtain can develop solar lighting in both remote areas and urban areas. Solar lighting is effective, economical and productive and can be installed in different areas with optimum illumination results with the support of the industry and their partners’ expertise. ABLP’s Solar Lighting Solutions include Solar powered Street Lighting Solutions, Solar-powered Decorative Street lighting solution, Solar aviation lighting, Solar Urban Lighting, Solar Landscape Lighting, Solar Roof Top System.


We at Al-Babtain sees that Industrial lighting covers a wide range of different working interiors and tasks: from small workshops to huge factory halls and from fine precision work to heavy industrial tasks. The lighting quality should always be high enough to guarantee sufficient visual performance for the concerned tasks. A worker performance depends highly upon the quality of the lighting he is working at. We provide high-quality products for industrial lighting systems and with the highest standards of safety.


IoT is already transforming the way businesses, governments and consumers interact with the physical world. By blending the physical and digital realms, IoT is profoundly changing the way we relate to our environment, to each other and to information. It is revolutionizing the way we live, work, travel, heal and relax. We use our connected lighting infrastructure to enable IoT applications in several key areas. By partnering with other leading technology and communications providers we can offer end-to-end connected lighting solutions for smart cities, smart buildings, smart retail and smart homes.