Petitjean (Al-Babtain France)


ADMINISTRATIVE-BUILDING-300x225 (1)Created in 1946 by Daniel Petitjean, the company has grown thanks to roads equipment, urban and large areas lighting during the three post-war decades. With symbolic projects as the first Orly terminal, then great stadiums, the Channel Tunnel and lot of infrastructures worlwide.

History continued, with a strong will for innovation, design and increasing quality. Urban lighting, communication towers or catenary supports for tramways, these are signatures layed out by PETITJEAN. The entry into international markets has been achieved with realizations in Europe, South America, Asia and Oceania.

Petitjean is located in France, next to Troyes city, on an industrial site of 36 hectares where masts of all dimensions are designed and manufactured. Research and development, industrialization, cutting, welding, galvanization, painting, all design and manufacturing steps are achieved on site in order to provide worldwide customers.

Today Petitjean is the propriety of theĀ AL BABTAIN POWER & TELECOMMUNICATION CO, Al-BABTAIN has acquired petitjean in 2012.

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