More than 150,000 tons in poles and 120,000 tons in towers shows how much we take our productivity seriously

Capacity and Capability are standout strengths of Al Babtain. Our experienced staff, state-of-the-art facilities and on-time delivery yield top-notch quality for our customers. Our focus – dynamic production – Al Babtain rises to new heights as a full service company; design engineering, industrial manufacturing, delivery and installation are always top of mind. We embody our customers’ core values from high-level professional service to depth of commitment with end results driving fully integrated productivity, exceeding industry standards.



Our past history as contractors gives us a personal knowledge of what is expected on the project site.

The first tower project that we did for an automotive company was a very successful experience. Considering this example, we are well positioned to portray an image for our company that maintains an integrated position at all project work sites. There is clearly a trend that our competitive advantage and a benefit to customers is close proximity to the action. Well equipped with 3000 employees, Al Babtain has the adaptability to maneuver, and the ability to accept new ideas. We listen to our customer needs.



On time deliverables – Al Babtain ascends to unchartered space, since the 1990’s we have taken steps to keep up with the new era of change and technology.

We study strategies of continuous work process improvements. We believe we are a learning organization. We can get you what you need, when you need it, anywhere in the world.



The first key to success is design engineering, which lays the groundwork for fabrication and eventual installation.

A prime example: Al Babtain’s outdoors lighting projects, which speak volumes without saying a word. Take the turnkey approach, a thing of beauty we start with photometric studies then we design the lighting poles and the foundation for these poles.

Next step – we manufacture a complete package. It’s a complete worry free experience for the client. The endgame – quality reigns supreme for all project partners securing future growth of all their projects.



Watch us bend to assure you have a totally worry free experience.

Rest assured you finish your project with peace of mind. Al Babtain’s full service project approach comes with a proven track record that guarantees the client’s end results are streets and



We consider our clients business partners. Time after time our loyal customers count on us for industry expertise and service.

Al Babtain has the flexibility to work across its’ established industry sector based on a long-standing presence in the market. Our customers look to us for design, fabrication, testing, and supply, based on their critical needs. At the end of the day, when the sun is going down and the lights come on – it’s about providing full service products.



It’s the combination of more than 58 years of changing the face of the industry in addition to a clear vision that built our credibility

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